Mike Netzer WINS Mad City Dual!
Date: Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 10:15:44 EDT
Topic: Tournaments

Well folks the Mad City Dual Figure 8 and Endurance Race Competition is behind us. The new champ is Mike Netzer.

Mike had to endure countless Figure 8's in order to capture the win. After suffering his only loss all day to the youngster Matt H. of the Ghetto Footers, Mike went on to beat numerous footers and become the Champion of the Mad City Dual!

The day started out rainy and the site for the competition was questionable due to the amount of seaweed in the water. The previous day the organizers had to run a weed cutters through the course just to get the boats through. After hours of work, it was finally ready.

Once the competition began, rain set in. It wasn't a hard rain but hard enough to sting the eyeballs. Later in the afternoon, the rain cleared and let lose of some long awaited sunshine. The competition never stopped because of the weather and in the end, Mike Netzer had to beat Bob Mahnke twice in order to become the last man standing and gain the championship of the Mad City Dual!!

See Mike's winning run against Bob Mahnke here:
Click Here for video
Click Here for a few pictures

Congratulations Mike!!!

Watch out for him at Footstock folks, at 52 years young, he is a force to be reckoned with.

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