Jon Debelak wins the Mad City Clean Lakes Figure 8
Date: Monday, August 29, 2011 @ 13:52:14 EDT
Topic: Tournaments

Jon Debelak continues to ski like a man possessed taking the 1st place spot at the Clean Lakes Figure 8 in Madison Wisconsin this past weekend.

The field this year in Madison was packed with very experienced Figure 8 footers. From Marc Donahue, to Ron Blouw, Eric Devries, Paul Stokes, Mike Netzer, Aron Shoezel and too many others to list, this was shaping up to be one tough Figure 8 tourney this year and it was!

2011 Clean Lakes Festival Figure 8

1st Place: Jon Debelak
2nd Place: Paul Stokes

3rd Place: Ron Blouw
4th Place: Eric Devries

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Jon Debelak        65
Paul Stokes        50
Ron Blouw        40
Eric Devries        35

Rob Christensen        30
Aaron Shoezel        30

Jake Kerschbaum        25
Bob Mahnke        25

Mike Netzer        20
Paul Ehlers        20
Marc Donahue        20

Luke Bruckner        15
Paul Elsen        15
Jim Mickelson        15
Chad Mietz        15
Craig Campbell        15

Ben Deiser        10
Dan Tanis        10
Beau Urban        10
Mike Rotar        10
*David Seymour        10

Greg Wilkinson        5
Clancy Nicholls        5
Mike Fowler        5
*Curt Johnson        5
*Kevin R.        5
*Aaron Tanis        5

JJ Link        0
Chris McWatters        0
Mike Dama        0
Jeff Hoekstra        0
Patrick Richardson        0
Jake Wiedemeier        0
Mike Miller        0 (pulled out for injury)

* Bye in losers bracket(2nd round), award 5.

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